Google Docs, Sheets And Slides Get New Home Screens With A Taste Of Material Design

So I read through Google’s Material Design site this summer and was wondering what these guidelines were for. Now we can see the first stages of a re-thinking of the Google Apps suite using several of these ideas. (

Why Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program is a game changer for IT | CITEworld

In their “iPads: Fad or Fixture?”session at ECIS 2013 Joshua Cobb and Marty Twarogowski of Graland Country Day School (Denver, CO, USA) highlighted the importance of centralized management of a 1:1 iPad program. (They also emphasized the importance of extensive PD opportunities in advance of their successful program. I’ll have more to say about that in a… Continue reading Why Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program is a game changer for IT | CITEworld

What Makes a Change Agent? – Edudemic

2014 is going to be an interesting: a new position (or two) in my school, membership on the ECIS IT committee, and lots to learn, too. This terrific article by Shane Haggerty contains a short list ideas that I will strive to keep in mind as I move ahead in 2014. Fresh Perspective: Be the… Continue reading What Makes a Change Agent? – Edudemic

My first Android app

I have been toying with App Inventor off and on since it was first opened on the Google website and was very excited to hear that the project was being open-sourced and moved to MIT’s Center for Mobile Learning. It is still in limited, beta release there and I am now able access this tool… Continue reading My first Android app

A Monday grab-bag of community cleverness | Raspberry Pi

This is what a creative community does: Takes a great idea and builds on it…and what better way to extend the “please be creative with this thing” message that by encasing it in Lego bricks! The model shown here (including an amazing logo) is a case for a Raspberry Pi. The link below will take… Continue reading A Monday grab-bag of community cleverness | Raspberry Pi

#DadLife: I wonder…

I love a good rhetorical question (“Why can’t every day be my birthday?” or “Is there no one who can save us from Super Villain X’s evil machinations?”). The whole point of a rhetorical question however is that the question is either unanswerable or the answer is self-evident (“Uh, it’s just not physically possible to have… Continue reading #DadLife: I wonder…

An Enduring Legacy – Carnegie Mellon University

An Enduring Legacy – Carnegie Mellon University. Better words have already been written about the passing of Randy Pausch than I could hope to attempt here. This short post is simply a nod to a great man who promoted great ideas. I have been meaning to write about Alice here on and was saddened… Continue reading An Enduring Legacy – Carnegie Mellon University

Thoughts about Scratch@MIT

After months of anticipation, I arrived yesterday for the Scratch@MIT conference here in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). The conference is being held in the MIT Media Lab building, which is only a block away from my hotel. The morning started with a keynote by Mitchel Resnik, who introduced the Scratch Project itself and the ideas behind… Continue reading Thoughts about Scratch@MIT

Created from Scratch – MIT News Office

The MIT News website has posted a preview article about the Scratch conference this week. Written by David Chandler, the article offers a nice overview of both the Scratch software itself, a brief introduction the larger Scratch Project, and a great quote by Mitchel Resnik. “‘It’s grown beyond our greatest expectations,’ says Media Lab professor… Continue reading Created from Scratch – MIT News Office