Web 3.0 is already here and it looks pretty great!


LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman said, recently, “that if Web 1.0 involved  go search, get data and some limited interactivity, and if Web 2.0 involves  real identities and  real relationships , then Web 3.0 will be  real identities generating massive amounts of data .”

Reid is a visionary and certainly had this right. But the information that Reid described is just the tip of the iceberg. We are already gathering a thousand times more data than that. The growth is exponential, and the innovation opportunities are even bigger than Silicon Valley can imagine they are.

I’m going to explain why I believe this. But let me start with a short history lesson.

Over the centuries, we gathered a lot of data on things such as climate, demographics, and business and government transactions. Our farmers kept track of the weather so that they would know when to grow their crops; we had land…

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