I am an IT leader and learner currently living in Norway with my wife Kim (pictured above with me on May 17) and our two children Tagesech and Abity. Kim and I work with amazing students and teachers every day at the International School of Stavanger.

2 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    I am very intrigued by the work you are doing. I too am fascinated by the possibilities of open source, especially in the field of education. OS software is certainly an integral piece of the puzzle, but my interest has started to wander towards expanding the open-source license into areas other than software, such as wiki-books and open-source hardware, such as this open source multi-touch display. If the hardware behind Microsoft’s “Surface” was able to cheaply be disseminated into every classroom, education would be meshed with technology in a revolutionary new way. Combine the multi-touch display with the various open-source whiteboards or any form of media and we would have a classroom successfully designed to take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Let me know what you think. In any case, I like what you are doing here, and I will be watching. 🙂


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