Pop, Catalin. “I Rock the World.” Stock.xchng. Getty Images, 9 Jan. 2012. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.

2014 is going to be an interesting: a new position (or two) in my school, membership on the ECIS IT committee, and lots to learn, too. This terrific article by Shane Haggerty contains a short list ideas that I will strive to keep in mind as I move ahead in 2014.

  • Fresh Perspective: Be the person who finds and shares new, exciting ideas.
  • Curiosity Doesn’t Actually Kill Cats: There is no harm in being curious and trying new things.
  • Collaborate: All of us together are smarter, faster, better, stronger than each of us on our own.
  • Ask For Help: No one is an island. Look around, find a mentor, ask a question, be a participant!

What Makes a Change Agent? – Edudemic.