FirstClass Migration Plan – Shay_Smith

I had the very interesting opportunity to respond to the hypothetical question “How hard would it be to move from FirstClass to [a hosted Google mail solution]?” The answer was a simple “much easier that you think” and a simple search through the myriad of Google help pages revealed this meta-page by Shay_Smith that details… Continue reading FirstClass Migration Plan – Shay_Smith

Google Apps Education Training Center

Now this is interesting! The good people at Google offer Google Apps Education training so that one become a qualified Google Apps Education trainer. There are two amazing things about this: There are free, online tutorials for the the tests. This means that anyone can learn about Google Apps right now. Getting awkward questions from… Continue reading Google Apps Education Training Center

Google Apps for Education: Qualification!

This is just a short post to announce that I received my Google Apps Education IQ (Individual Qualification) at the end of our April Break. 

36 Interesting Ways to Use Moodle in the Classroom – "Google Docs"

This is sooo meta! Tom Barrett has created a Google Docs presentation about Moodle and opened it up to all of us for collaborative editing. In the time it has taken me to compose this post the number of great ideas in this presentation has increased to 40 (thanks to Joseph Thibault). Am hoping to… Continue reading 36 Interesting Ways to Use Moodle in the Classroom – "Google Docs"

Google Apps for Education: K-12 Schools and Classrooms

I would love to adopt Google’s Apps for K-12 here at our school. Several schools in our ECIS region have taken this bold step and have enjoyed the simplicity and security that Google provides (not to mention the savings). The description on the Google Apps site contains lots of lingo worthy of Buzzword Bingo (“Staying… Continue reading Google Apps for Education: K-12 Schools and Classrooms

Using a Chrome notebook

One of the things that I am very curious about is a cloud-based laptop/netbook/tablet. The Google Chrome OS is already under development as a free, open-source operating system (called Chromium, by the way) and now Google is piloting their own hardware which will come preloaded with Chrome. It will be released in the States with… Continue reading Using a Chrome notebook