I would love to adopt Google’s Apps for K-12 here at our school. Several schools in our ECIS region have taken this bold step and have enjoyed the simplicity and security that Google provides (not to mention the savings). The description on the Google Apps site contains lots of lingo worthy of Buzzword Bingo (“Staying ahead of the learning curve”, “21st Century School”, and everyone’s favorite “Anytime, Anywhere”) but the ideas are solid and forward-thinking.

The difference here is that web-based apps like Google Docs are actually 21st century technology (2005 in the case of Google Docs) versus software standards like Word (1983), Excel (1983) and PowerPoint (1987). I am happy to say that we in MS IT have been using Google Docs almost since the beginning and hope that we are getting ready to move more of our software into the cloud in the future.

Google Apps for Education: K-12 Schools and Classrooms