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It seems like many years ago that I completed my first Processing tutorial as part of Hour of Code. The quirky and fun video series featuring a very enthusiastic Daniel Shiffman is available via the Tutorials area of the Processing website, which links to a special subdomain:

Hello Processing! from the Processing Foundation

Having an IB artist in the house has brought me back to Processing again and last night she and I did several of the tutorials together to start her introduction to this “flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.” Together completed a handful of the starter tutorials and enjoyed the easy success of this Java-based coding environment.

Today I worked out a few more tutorials, then found myself at, a great web-based sketchbook for Processing work. I made a free account there and forked a couple of the showcase projects, including this one by wataboo_shi:

View the sketch Neon Aaron on

If you are feeling creative and want to get your geek on, give Processing and OpenProcessing a try today!


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