From CSM: Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Fortnite

Does your child or teen play Fortnite or have friends who do? Are you looking for information about the game itself, why kids and teens like it, and whether or not it might be a good choice for your own daughter or son?

Always a great resource for parents, Common Sense Media (CSM) have created a guide for parents that provides answers to your questions about this very popular game and the social phenomenon that is has become with young people. CSM includes a well-reasoned age recommendation for Fortnite and several reasonable caution messages for you and your student.

An open, ongoing conversation with your daughter or son about their gaming life is an important parenting tool. Being well-informed will help you to feel more comfortable with those conversations and can also help you to better understand your child’s interests and the peer relationships that make gaming so important to some of them.

Click on the link in this sentence to read the Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Fortnite on the CSM website. You can also watch their video synopsis below.

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