Learning2 PreCon for Technology Leaders

Learning2 PreCon for Technology Leaders

Learning2 Europe 2018 – International School of Luxembourg

Technology Directors and coordinators work hard to strike a balance when articulating a school-wide vision for teaching and learning while also supporting the expanding, day-to-day needs of students, faculty, and their school community. As part of the Learning2 conference and experience we are excited to announce a new opportunity for technology leaders to collaborate.

Join Aaron Tyo-Dickerson and other members of the ECIS Special Interest Group for Technology, Innovation and Design (TID) for a full day of facilitated conversations around topics selected by and for technology directors and coordinators. Session participants will collect and share their ideas, questions and concerns in a circle of trust and will leave with a better understanding of what is possible and doable for their school today, tomorrow and in the future.

To make it even better, there is no cost for the Precon itself, just 55 US Dollars for the cost of food and transportation. However, we do require that participants attend the regular Learning2 Conference that follows – trust us, you want to! You will be able to continue your conversations all weekend including two other job alike sessions. The total cost of the regular conference, including this session, is 535 US Dollars.

A registration code is required for this pre-conference session. Please contact Aaron at atyodickerson@isstavanger.no or DM @atyodickerson or Stephen@learning2.org or DM @sreiach.

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