Learning Creative Learning

Next week Mitch Resnick and the folks at the MIT Media Lab are kicking off another round of their terrific online course and community: Learning Creative Learning. I have already signed up and am excited to be joining other creative people around the world in this great learning and sharing community.

Read the summary below and click here to register.

“For many years, the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, led byMitch Resnick, has been developing new technologies, activities, and environments (such as Scratch and Computer Clubhouses) to engage all children, from all backgrounds, in creative learning experiences.

Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is our effort to connect and share ideas with people around the world with similar goals, visions, and values. It is an opportunity for like-minded educators and learners to meet one another and share ideas, strategies, and practical tips on how to support creative learning.

LCL is organized as a six-week online course (starting on October 18, 2017), but its real goal is to cultivate an ongoing learning community in support of creative learning around the world.

Each week we will offer online videos, readings, and hands-on activities. You’ll be able go through this material at your own pace. All of our materials will be freely available (including sections from Mitch Resnick’s new Lifelong Kindergarten book). You can spend as much or as little time you like — by watching, reading, making, sharing, reflecting, and discussing.”

A Monday grab-bag of community cleverness | Raspberry Pi

Lego case for Raspberry Pi

This is what a creative community does: Takes a great idea and builds on it…and what better way to extend the “please be creative with this thing” message that by encasing it in Lego bricks! The model shown here (including an amazing logo) is a case for a Raspberry Pi. The link below will take you to the Raspberry Pi website, where there are links to several other great projects from users.*

I have three boxes of Lego in the lab at school and I really hope to be able to put them to good use in the Maker course this coming Fall. This is certainly a project I will keep my eye on as we have plans to add at least one Pi to the mix!

* Raspberry Pis are not even available yet, so I guess these are “proto-users” for now.

A Monday grab-bag of community cleverness | Raspberry Pi.

Baird, E. (2012, January 16). R-Pi case, Lego, prototype [Digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/projects-and-collaboration-general/lego-case-project#p30832

Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals


What’s not to love about a “manifesto?” David Truss has composed an amazing list of concise principals which he then explains in some detail and enhances with great embedded multimedia. My favorite of his theses: “I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative, and Social.”

Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals