Recruitment and Digital Footprints

International schools are in the midst of their recruitment season and are reviewing applications from prospective teachers and administrators. Schools which have invested money, time and good will into building technology-rich environments for teaching, learning, and professional practice can capitalize on that investement by recruiting and retaining faculty members with demonstrated skills and enthusiasm for living… Continue reading Recruitment and Digital Footprints

Curriculum and the ISTE Standards for Students

As we update our draft technology plan with input from the various stakeholder groups around campus, I have been working through ideas for aligning our curriculum to the new ISTE Standards for Students. Our IT working group has informally adopted these standards for our school and our draft plan contains the first written reference to the standards and also… Continue reading Curriculum and the ISTE Standards for Students

Recipe for a Disruptive Keynote : Stager-to-Go

From Gary Stager’s 2009 NECC keynote presentation: “I never imagined that 19 years later we would be fastening giant pre-Gutenberg technology to classroom walls. The priest chants while the monks take dictation on their tablet PCs. Don’t “interactive” white boards require bricks and mortar while reinforcing the dominance of the front of the room?” Recipe… Continue reading Recipe for a Disruptive Keynote : Stager-to-Go