Reinventing the Slate

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Gary Stager was a keynote speaker at the 2010 European Laptop Institute and I have been following him online ever since. In addition to his own blog and website, he writes for a variety of professional/educational sites/publications and even blogs about politics/education on The Huffington Post

In this article from his own website (but previously published in the March 2003 issue of District Administraton Magazine) he challenges the notion of interactive white boards as innovative tools. Calling them “pre-Gutenberg technology”, he goes on to criticize the frontal, teacher-directed instruction that IWBs force back into the classrooms of the today.

Reinventing the Slate

Recipe for a Disruptive Keynote : Stager-to-Go

From Gary Stager’s 2009 NECC keynote presentation: “I never imagined that 19 years later we would be fastening giant pre-Gutenberg technology to classroom walls. The priest chants while the monks take dictation on their tablet PCs. Don’t “interactive” white boards require bricks and mortar while reinforcing the dominance of the front of the room?”

Recipe for a Disruptive Keynote : Stager-to-Go