Countdown Timers download |

Had a request for help finding a classroom time early in the new school year. The teacher needed a way to countdown the time in her class. Because we are a mixed-platform school I wanted to offer her a tool that would work on my Windows/Ubuntu laptop as well as her Apple laptop. This one met all of our criteria and made the teacher very happy.

Countdown Timers download |

Countdown Timers download |

Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals

What’s not to love about a “manifesto?” David Truss has composed an amazing list of concise principals which he then explains in some detail and enhances with great embedded multimedia. My favorite of his theses: “I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative, and Social.”

Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals

Automatous Monk: Music (and art) from simple programs

I have had this little midi loop generator on my home laptop for several years and have toyed with it to create simple loops that I can then drop into Garage Band or just enjoy as-is. David does quite a bit of audio-video work with his students and I suggested that he check out the Java applet Automatous Monk to add some quirky goodness to the mix.

(As an unexpected bonus, the site now also lists an artsy little applet called Seurat which does some cool things to image files, too.)

Automatous Monk: Music (and art) from simple programs