Countdown Timers download |

Had a request for help finding a classroom time early in the new school year. The teacher needed a way to countdown the time in her class. Because we are a mixed-platform school I wanted to offer her a tool that would work on my Windows/Ubuntu laptop as well as her Apple laptop. This one… Continue reading Countdown Timers download |

Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals What’s not to love about a “manifesto?” David Truss has composed an amazing list of concise principals which he then explains in some detail and enhances with great embedded multimedia. My favorite of his theses: “I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative, and Social.” Open Educator Manifesto | Connected Principals

Automatous Monk: Music (and art) from simple programs

I have had this little midi loop generator on my home laptop for several years and have toyed with it to create simple loops that I can then drop into Garage Band or just enjoy as-is. David does quite a bit of audio-video work with his students and I suggested that he check out the… Continue reading Automatous Monk: Music (and art) from simple programs