Empowered Use Policy from Scott McLeod

I have long struggled with the existence of lengthy, prohibitive Acceptable Use Policies which serve only to provide the illusion of CYA for schools/teachers while having a chilling effect on teaching and learning with the tools we are putting into teacher and student hands. In my own work with a 1:1 laptop program I have been ableContinue reading “Empowered Use Policy from Scott McLeod”

Standing in the Back, Watching the Screens | Connected Principals

Here’s a great little article written by a Jonathan Martin about a 1:1 laptop classroom that he observed. He describes the ways that students use their laptops and an unobtrusively-filtered network to interact with or tune out from a teacher’s lecture and ends with some wonderful recommendations for teachers and administrators. (Hint: Less lecturing, lessContinue reading “Standing in the Back, Watching the Screens | Connected Principals”