Netbook I

Uh oh! Netbooks with Linux preinstalled?

I am hearing more and more about the Acer Aspire One netbook and have begun to check them out in local shops and online. The reviews have been generally positive and I can see two advantages to these little beauties: Low cost and Linux.

The low cost possibility make the netbooks a very attractive option for reluctant adopters of new technologies. (Think of the “what if I break it?” people that you know.) Netbooks can be a low-risk alternative to costly “main stream” laptops.

Linux keeps the total cost of ownership for the netbook at a reaasonable level. Updates/upgrades, security patches, even new applications are all included for the lifetime of the computer. (Apps like OpenOffice and Firefox come pre-installed.) Built in wireless capabilities and an integrated webcam make this a great device for people who simply want access to the web, email, and chat.
I plan to get one of these little device to test soon and will post my thoughts here (of course).