Learning2 PreCon for Technology Leaders

Learning2 PreCon for Technology Leaders Learning2 Europe 2018 – International School of Luxembourg Technology Directors and coordinators work hard to strike a balance when articulating a school-wide vision for teaching and learning while also supporting the expanding, day-to-day needs of students, faculty, and their school community. As part of the Learning2 conference and experience we… Continue reading Learning2 PreCon for Technology Leaders

Google Step Up

Google Step Up a free online course for international school educators There are lots of great ways to use G Suite tools in your teaching and learning to help your students collaborate, create and share. If you would like to grow your skills in a fun, interactive online environment with other international school educators please… Continue reading Google Step Up

How Plugged-In Families Can Have a Device-Free(ish) Holiday

“The trick is to downsize — not demolish — your family’s reliance on technology over the holidays. Advice from Common Sense Media editors.” Just in time for the Winter Break, Common Sense media have created a succinct, useable resource for planning and enjoying the time off together with your family. One of the things that… Continue reading How Plugged-In Families Can Have a Device-Free(ish) Holiday

Learning Creative Learning

Next week Mitch Resnick and the folks at the MIT Media Lab are kicking off another round of their terrific online course and community: Learning Creative Learning. I have already signed up and am excited to be joining other creative people around the world in this great learning and sharing community. Read the summary below… Continue reading Learning Creative Learning

Scratch and Friends

Scratch, the drag-and-drop visual programming language from MIT, continues to grow in popularity among teachers and students. The statistics tracker on the Scratch website shows: 18,688,109 projects shared, 15,314,275 users registered, 97,400,962 comments posted, 3,069,067 studios created Students are creating, sharing, and remixing Scratch projects…and universities are remixing Scratch itself, building and sharing new flavors of… Continue reading Scratch and Friends

Recruitment and Digital Footprints

International schools are in the midst of their recruitment season and are reviewing applications from prospective teachers and administrators. Schools which have invested money, time and good will into building technology-rich environments for teaching, learning, and professional practice can capitalize on that investement by recruiting and retaining faculty members with demonstrated skills and enthusiasm for living… Continue reading Recruitment and Digital Footprints

Can You Tell Fake News From Real? : NPR

“Many assume that because young people are fluent in social media they are equally savvy about what they find there,” the researchers wrote. “Our work shows the opposite.” Stanford researchers assessed students from middle school to college and found they struggled to distinguish ads from articles, neutral sources from biased ones and fake accounts from… Continue reading Can You Tell Fake News From Real? : NPR

Curriculum and the ISTE Standards for Students

As we update our draft technology plan with input from the various stakeholder groups around campus, I have been working through ideas for aligning our curriculum to the new ISTE Standards for Students. Our IT working group has informally adopted these standards for our school and our draft plan contains the first written reference to the standards and also… Continue reading Curriculum and the ISTE Standards for Students

ECIS TID Committee Blog | At the Intersection of Language, Culture, and Code

Please read my latest post on the ECIS TID Committee blog: Source: ECIS TID Committee Blog | At the Intersection of Language, Culture, and Code

Pencil-Pusher: A Satire

“I’d really like you to meet with the new hire. She comes highly recommended and we are lucky to have hired her..” “But?” “Well, she really needs some help with pencil skills.” “How can she be an excellent teacher if she can’t use a pencil?” I already knew the usual responses to this question: She is from… Continue reading Pencil-Pusher: A Satire